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Bill Allen

Bill Allen

About Bill Allen

Street Kid Turned Successful Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Philanthropist

Today, Bill Allen runs a global family of significant manufacturing, sales and distribution businesses, vertically integrated in the JanSan industry. At age 18, he founded Hawaii Care and Cleaning Inc – a premier contract cleaning provider for the whole of Hawaii. Bill and his championship teams have won multiple statewide, national, and international awards including Small Business Person of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Innovative Cleaning Invention Award, and Business of the Year among many others. 

Bill has also changed the lives of countless people worldwide through his dynamic trainings and presentations. People regularly come up to him and shake his hand – telling him how inspired they were by him.  

Bill plays win-win, delivering a tremendous dynamic value to his clients that fosters long-term business relationships that last a lifetime. His list of clientele reads like a who’s who of successful business with whom he enjoys extreme client loyalty. 

Bill’s passion for empowering people and going the extra mile for clients with an attitude of gratitude has brought him profound success. In spite of this success, Bill still considers himself the “town janitor”. He remains unwavering in his desire to support people achieving breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. He has also set his sights on a bigger goal – impacting even more people by sharing his many lessons worldwide. 

“Bill Allen is a super businessman, leader, salesman, philanthropist-humanitarian, outdoors man, and he is my great friend.  I respect, admire, trust and love him.  He is an inspiring thinker/speaker and originates innovative business models that produce extraordinary results.  He takes problems and morphs them into profitable opportunities that are omni-beneficial.  Bill is the street kid that has made good, does well and makes a big difference that will profoundly serve the world – I predict.”    – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Author “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series

Bill Allen Hawaii Care and Cleaning


Bill conducts “live” workshops throughout the year, guiding people to achieve personal and business breakthroughs.

Bill’s Companies

Hawaii Care and Cleaning

Hawaii Care and Cleaning enjoys one of the finest reputations in the industry for consistently providing its clients the highest quality service and most reasonable price.

The organization has proven to be very community minded and has been serving Hawaii for over 38 years.  The company prides itself on its long term, extreme client loyalty. Its statewide list of clients reads like a “Who’s Who” of the most successful businesses and Fortune 500 Companies in Hawaii.  With over 1000 full time team members, HCC has both one of the best safety records and the lowest team member turnover rates of any company in its domain.

Leading the way in contract cleaning, HCC has become Management’s No.1 Choice as a result of its sophisticated leadership by leveraging its creative expertise through a specialized service approach, while providing a fixed budgeted cost and reduced liability exposure for our client.  This optimization of the maintenance dollar provides the client with enhanced standards operationally while greatly reducing their liability exposure in a time of increased litigation.  Without exception, the company has always operated with its clients on an “Appreciation Guaranteed” basis.

Ultimate Solutions

Ultimate Solutions, Inc. is an international organization that designs, develops and manufactures innovative cleaning products to liberate the cleaning world at work! Ultimate Solutions, Inc. produces a complete range of janitorial cleaning and odor control chemicals and supplies. Ultimate Solutions’ product line is continuously growing and includes odor control sprays, non-para and para-based products, screens, odor control liquids, powders, hand soaps, pest control, dispensers and much more!

Ultimate Solutions is powered by Sandia Products, located on the West Coast and Mercury Floor Machines on the East Coast. Our products are made with pride in the U.S.A.


Sandia Products

Sandia Products has been manufacturing innovative, durable, and high-performance carpet cleaning equipment and accessories since 1996. Based in Huntington Beach, California, Sandia machines are assembled by a team of professionals on-site and are inspected and tested for the highest quality.


Mercury Floor Machines

Mercury Floor Machines, Inc. provides the finest global cleaning solutions.  As a state-of-the-art manufacturer, Mercury specializes in floor machines, burnishers, wet/dry vacs and much more. Established in 1956, Mercury Floor Machines has set the industry standard in floor cleaning.



The i-mop is a revolutionary cleaning machine that is powerful, compact, and easy to use. The i-mop was created after decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and has been designed to transform the way people clean floors.


Kauai Exclusive

Kauai Exclusive represents, markets, and manages a select group of luxury vacation rental properties on Kauai. The company focuses on high-end, oceanfront, and larger rental properties with a variety of price options suitable for couples, families, wedding parties, and large groups.

Kauai Exclusive takes pride in offering incredibly luxurious Kauai accommodations at competitive prices. Kauai Exclusive goes above and beyond other Kauai Vacation Rental companies to exceed their guests’ requests and expectations by offering a truly personalized experience for each customer! They also have an experienced in-house Kauai concierge to really help customize their guests’ Kauai vacation.


Big App Lab

Big Applications Laboratories, LLC is a full-service mobile app development partner.  Big App Lab has a diverse history with developing both consumer and enterprise applications. All of their apps bear the hallmark of their user-centric design.

Big App Lab focuses on collaboration, innovation, integrity, and clear communication in an industry that is fast-paced and competitive. Big App Lab is a full-service partner and can lend its expertise and direction to any step of an app’s design and development process, from start to finish. Their Services include ideation, strategy, design, development, and marketing.



RentalHost is the world’s premier vacation rental community, connecting guests, hosts, and service providers. RentalHost is designed to empower vacation rental hosts while enhancing their guest experience.



Vidstep is a platform that enables the creation of smart instructional support videos for team tasks and processes, customer support and usage instructions, and product demos. Bill says “…just like plain old peanuts, caramel and chocolate created a whole new deliciousness called the Snickers bar (and oh aren’t they something), Vidstep is mashing up current video technology, process creation, and micro training into a whole new value packed niche that is smarter, simpler and cheaper than anything before it.”